Dr Elizabeth Bird-Lieberman

Consultant Gastroenterologist
MB BChir, PhD Cantab, FRCP

Dr Elizabeth Bird-Lieberman

Dr Elizabeth Bird-Lieberman (MB BChir, PhD Cantab, FRCP) is a Consultant Gastroenterologist at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, Nuffield Health, The Manor Hospital, Oxford and the New Foscote Hospital, Banbury. In addition to working in general gastroenterology she has a specialist interest in early detection and prevention of cancer within the gastrointestinal tract. Within this role she is a clinical specialist in advanced diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy and is a nationally accredited Bowel Cancer Screener.

Dr Bird-Lieberman graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2000. Alongside her training in General Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology she achieved a PhD from the University of Cambridge (2010) and following completion of specialist training was appointed a Clinical Lecturer in Translational Medicine and Therapeutics in Cambridge before taking up a consultant post at Oxford University Hospitals in 2013. Her academic interest is in the early detection of gastrointestinal cancers and is an honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Oxford. Her PhD thesis focused on the early detection of oesophageal cancer through molecular imaging and biomarker development and she continues to work on early cancer detection throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Her research has been funded by the Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK, Academy of Medical Sciences, Wellcome Trust and National Institute for Health Research and she has published high impact original research.

Dr Bird-Lieberman has additional roles as editor and reviewer for academic journals and is a member of the British Society of Gastroenterology Clinical Standards and Services Committee and Endoscopy Research Groups and she is heavily involved in teaching gastroenterology to medical students and the teaching of endoscopy to the next generation of endoscopy specialists.

Dr Bird-Lieberman is renowned for being an empathic and strong communicator who focuses on providing the best possible care to her patients.


Key Publications:

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